Presently, Rockingham Podiatry is a registered provider with BUPA, AVIVA and WPA. Registration is pending with other health insurance companies.

Our prices for Spring/Summer 2023

Routine Podiatry/Children’s Foot Health

New patient initial assessment consultation £50.00
Routine (simple) nail care £45.00

Verrucae treatment


Verrucae needling under local anaesthesia

Routine podiatric foot treatments £50.00


Biomechanical / Sports injuries

New patient initial consultation, to include biomechanical assessment                                          £90.00

Custom made casted orthoses
Non refundable deposit on all custom made orthoses

OTC orthoses


Steroid injection therapy


Review appointments £50.00

Nail Surgery


One toe
To include surgery and 2 follow up appointments

Two toes
To include surgery and 2 follow up appointments
Additional nail surgery follow up appointments  £50.00

Home visits

Available on request                                 £50.00